Making Money as a Blogger

In one of my recent posts on Shoemoney, I wrote about the importance of creating multiple income streams for your online business. I gave a short example of how you can diversify your income streams. With today’s post, I wanted to elaborate and give readers a much clearer view of how bloggers make money and what they do to “get there”. Hold on to your britches, folks. This is going to be a wild ride. Let’s go! Birth How are blogs born? And why? What’s the purpose? Believe it or not, the most lucrative blogs never started out to become
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3 Benefits of Marketing Automation

There are a ton of marketing tools out there. Everything from apps to software and they all do many different things. The unfortunate truth is that marketing teams are always on a budget. So how do you go about getting the most bang for your buck? The answer is marketing automation. It’s a powerful part of any marketing strategy with 82% of marketers seeing a positive ROI. The purpose is to put some of your strategies on autopilot. This will help your team to operate with more efficiency and they can stretch their budget and still meet goals. Efficiency Cold-calling
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Using The Tesla App To Control Your Model S 3 X

In this video, I show you how to use the Tesla iPhone or Android App to cool down your Tesla Mode S/3/X before your get into the car. It’s great for those hot summer days when you have to leave the dog in the car so you can meet some fellow internet marketers for a Dot Com Lunch. Just remember to place a note in the car window to let people know that the Tesla can keep your pet cool. Otherwise you may come back to a broken window.

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Going Full-Throttle as an Internet Entrepreneur Part 1

If you’re new to trying to make money online, then you probably don’t know what I’m about to tell you. Because it’s not something other entrepreneurs mention casually. It’s not really a secret. Most people just assume that the new guys will figure it out eventually. But a lot of people don’t figure it out or don’t figure it out until it’s too late. So I’m just going to go ahead and throw the information out there. You need to build multiple income streams for any money-making endeavor. If you’re starting an online business, you definitely want to keep reading.
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New Spins on Traditional Marketing

Marketing can be a tough nut to crack. Fifteen years ago, digital marketing took over the world. Now, there are almost as many agencies as there are clients. The funny part is that many of them are successful. Once you master digital marketing and you stay on top of updates and changes in the game, you’re pretty much set. These agencies push email marketing and SEO because the ROI is proven. The strategies work. But traditional marketing can still work as well. You just need to put a spin on it and try new things. Here are a couple of
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What Comes After the Cloud? The Future of Cloud Computing

Before 2007, cloud servers for businesses and consumers just didn’t exist. Yeah, we had accessible servers all over the world, but the way we do cloud computing wasn’t a thing. In just three years, the number of cloud providers went from nothing to 550,000. We entered the age of cloud computing full tilt. But now that cloud computing is ubiquitous and most people don’t even think twice about storing and accessing data on the internet, something else must be coming. Well, sorta. Cloud technology isn’t going to disappear any time soon. It’s like the internet and computing technology. We merely
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Four Freelance Productivity Tips That Will Have You Slaying Work Projects

It’s the eternal struggle with working from home. You could call the dentist, watch the show you’ve been meaning to watch, clean the bathroom. Even the most mundane things can seem more interesting than another article about search engine optimization. But there’s no excuse to slack off at making money as a freelancer. There’s plenty of work to be done. Your e-mail is probably full of opportunities right now. It’s time to don the headphones and get to work. Here are some ways you boost your productivity while working as a freelancer. 1. DO NOT DISTURB I had to have
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Stop Gambling with Your Marketing and Go Pro with Tips from Ten Pubcon Pro Speakers

Pubcon Pro

In the fast paced world of search and digital marketing, what separates amateurs from professionals often comes down one simple distinction: marketing as a gamble or marketing as a planned, measured and iteratively optimized discipline.

There are far too many marketing campaigns being implemented simply because “that’s how we’ve always done it”, as a reaction to the competition and as a limitation of the in-house team tasked with execution. Professional marketers go beyond wishful thinking and hopes of “better luck next time”.

So, what does it mean to be a “professional”?

Being a professional in any industry represents a combination of characteristics including:

  • Specialized knowledge
  • Competency
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • AccountabilitySelf-Regulation

Marketing professionals represent these things and more:

  • Creativity
  • Analytical Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills

If you want more marketing success, it takes a shift in perspective, an effort to expand your knowledge and awareness of what’s possible.

There are few “sure things” in marketing, but one thing you can count on is the value of the expertise and advice from the group of 10 expert marketers contributing to the Marketers Go Pro ebook we developed for the Pubcon Pro conference in Las Vegas happening in a few weeks. We polled the keynote and main stage speakers for their best advice based on the presentations they will be giving at the conference. I’m one of those main stage speakers, so I contributed as well.

Here’s a list of the marketing experts who contributed and a taste of the insights you’ll find inside the ebook:

Joe Pulizzi
The formula for building a loyal audience looks like this:
– Identify your sweet spot
– Find your content tilt
– Build your base
– Harvest your audience
– Diversify
– Monetize (Tweet this)
Joe Pulizzi, @JoePulizzi
Founder, Content Marketing Institute, Co-Founder, The Orange Effect Foundation

Debra Jasper
“Today’s clients and colleagues have an eight second attention span. Eight seconds. To break through the noise, you must communicate with more power, clarity and impact.” (Tweet this)
Debra Jasper @DebraJasper
Founder & CEO, Mindset Digital

Aleyda Solis
“Expand your Web reach and diversify your business by targeting an international audience, but avoid launching in too many markets, choosing the wrong web structure or not effectively localizing.”  (Tweet this)
Aleyda Solis
International SEO Consultant & Founder, Orainti

Lee Odden
“By building internal credibility, activating customers, creating a content collaboration ecosystem and working with influencers, Marketing can improve credibility, influence and trust.” (Tweet this)
Lee Odden @leeodden
CEO, TopRank Marketing

Purna Virji
“When it comes to optimizing the customer experience, design for conversation from the start. Remember, the most important thing for the user is convenience.” (Tweet this)
Purna Virji
Sr. Manager, Global Engagement at Microsoft

Roger Dooley
“Want a higher conversion rate and customer loyalty? Make it easier to do business with you. Reducing friction in every interaction is the path to getting and keeping more customers.” (Tweet this)
Roger Dooley
Founder, Dooley Direct

Bill Hunt
“To be successful in SEO we must adapt to and embrace the evolving search engine landscape in both the SERPS and in our organizations.” (Tweet this)
Bill Hunt
President, Back Azimuth Consulting

Eric Enge
“Is SEO dead? Whole new worlds of challenges and opportunities exist for SEO because of Google’s 2018 algorithm changes, mobile dominance, speed, and voice.” (Tweet this)
Eric Enge
General Manager, Perficient Digital

Joe Laratro
“To stay at the top of the SERPs you need an SEO diet of analytics for crucial data, structure fixes, content optimization, link building and tools to gauge results.” (Tweet this)
Joe Laratro
President, Tandem Interactive

Scott Monty
“Customers want experiences that are more about them and their needs. To increase customer retention, marketers can use date to deliver on more personal experiences.”  (Tweet this)
Scott Monty
Principal, Scott Monty Strategies

To see the full text of our experts’ advice, check out the full ebook below. You’ll also find the details of when, where and what their keynote and main stage presentations will be about.

Besides me, TopRank Marketing will have several team members attending and liveblogging at the Pubcon Pro conference including our agency social content manager, Lane Ellis and senior account manager, Tiffani Allen. You can follow them at @lanerellis and @tiffani_allen as well as our agency tweets during the event at @toprank.

We hope to see you there!

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