Established Blind Window Shade Turnkey Online Internet Business Website for Sale


Established Blind Window Shade Turnkey Online Internet Business Website for Sale

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. Fully Automated Money making Website
Disclaimer: The content, image, and text of this website are copyrighted with us. The transaction through PayPal is disabled till the end of the auction.

Amazon Associate account is restricted for users in the following states of the USA: Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, North Carolina, & Rhode Island. So if the user wants to run the amazon affiliate site then they have to create account on their name using the address of their close friends or relatives who are living out side of these states.

. Profitable Blinds & Shade Window Covering website for Sale .
What You Should have to Run the Website :
You need to have your own Domain Name and Hosting Account. This is the website script which needs to install in the hosting account in order to make it live. There is installation charges of $15 applicable if we install it in your hosting account. There is no Zip File/Shipping Product Delivery system, as the product is website script which needs to install inorder to work.
If you don’t have the domain and hosting accounts then we can book for your suggested domain name having extension .com/.net/.org/.info etc for the cost of $11.99 and for hosting account yearly fees is $45 and for six month hosting fees is : $30
You need to have Affiliate accounts like google adsense, amazon affiliate, click bank and cbpro account. If you don’t have these accounts then our technical people will help you to create it for you. But for this you need to provide your name, address with phone number. There is no cost for creating the affiliate accounts for your behalf.
Income Source from the site is through amazon affiliate commission from each item sold, google adsense revenue through clicks, click bank commission from each item sold.
There will be free unlimited support for your site. If you want any changes on the site or addition of new features it will be done with extra charges. There is no Zip File Delivery System. This scripts needs to be install in the hosting account.
Website Demo
Website Features
Attractive Design : The featured blogs are designed by expert designers keeping in mind all the factors which had made them attractive and easy to use.
Hot Offer : Get the most desired products, accessories and books under this section. Visitors will mostly come across popular Clickbank products on a regular basis. All the items are updated constantly to add freshness to this section.
About Us :Considered one of the vital pages of the website, the ‘About Us’ area is the most excellent way to create a positive image in the minds of potential customers.
Videos : As the audio-visual aids are gaining popularity to retain customers, the ‘Videos’ section of the website showcases infotainment clips from YouTube to enrich user experience.
News :Stay up-to-date regarding the latest happenings in your desired product world with excellent pieces of news here. Check this section regularly for more updated news and to make informed decisions.
Blogs : Blog is a powerful medium to showcase someone’s ideas, opinions, products or services among a huge audience. It is beneficial for both individuals and businesses with long-lasting positive impacts. A business without the power of a blog website remains incomplete nowadays.
Advertising Space :You can use the advertising space on every of our blog to promote banner, videos and affiliates programs like Google Adsense to maximize your profit.
Contact Us :This important section establishes a communication between you and your prospective clients. Visitors can raise queries, give feedbacks and inquire about products through this page.
Disclaimer : It outlines that the online store is exclusively a platform to offer Amazon or Clickbank affiliate products. The site is not responsible for any product related issues like price, defects, delayed shipment, etc.
Tell-A-Friend : It assists in popularizing your website by word of mouth. Your existing customers can bring you future prospects through this great marketing tool.
Bookmark : This feature enables the storage of your website address in the browser to facilitate your subsequent visits to the site.
Income Source
. . . .
Web Hosting
  Do You Have Your Own Hosting Account?
  A professional and dedicated web hosting service is the backbone of any successful website. Any hosting service must be capable of handling voluminous data that needs to be stored. Our hosting plan offers you a hosting account that is filled with plenty of attractive features. If you want to host with us, then we will charge a nominal fee of $45 per year or $30 for six months.

Our web hosting services include:
  • A hosting account with cPanel Access
  • 99.9% uptime
  • 24/7 monitoring and online support
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • SMTP and send mail support
  • Unlimited sub-domains
  • Unlimited par-domain
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL database support
Frequently Asked Questions ?
1. Are there any other costs or charges involved?
Ans:- There will be only additional charges in the form of website hosting fee. You will need to pay a fee of $45 per annum or $30 per six month before we deliver the website to you. If you are not making use of your existing hosting service and want us to install the website to your server, there will be an amount of $15.00 that you have to pay towards installation fee.
2. Why shall I purchase this website? What is the benefit to purchase it?
Ans:- This is a moneymaking e-commerce type of website where you will sell hot and demanding products from Amazon store that can generate good amounts of revenue sitting at home. You can use this as a part-time income source.
3. What will be the next step if I succeed in the auction ?
Ans:- As soon as you succeed in the auction and pay out the price of the website, you will be sent an email that comprises details regarding the installation of your site. First off, you have to furnish your domain name and web hosting account information in case you already own. In the event you don’t possess these details, you have to avail these services from us by making payment towards domain name registration and hosting fee at the link provided in the email.

Subsequently, you need to provide us with the affiliate details such as the login ID and password of Google AdSense and Amazon Associate as well as ClickBank ID and CBProAds ID information. If you don’t have these details, you can submit the necessary information in the link supplied on the email, so that we will generate this information on your behalf, or you can generate it on your own and provide us, in order to allow us to set it up in your purchased site.

4. Is this web business presently making money?
Ans:- Since it is a novel concept of generating revenues from online businesses, there is plenty of growth potential in it. All you need is a little bit of promotional campaign to enhance your website visibility.
5. I am new to the Internet and computer. Shall I be able to run this business?
Ans:- Yes, why not. All our websites are extremely automated and self-sustaining. You can easily operate as well as manage them even without expert knowledge of the Internet and computer. Your users will find them easy to use as well. The entire sales process is automated too. Everything is done electronically without any human intervention.
6. I don’t have any affiliate account on Amazon Associate, Google AdSense, ClickBank, etc. So how will I create the account?
Ans:- Nothing is to be worried. During your purchase order, you will be given a link to furnish your detailed information in a form, so that we will create it for you.
7. On the Amazon affiliate site, there are many products. Where are these products coming from?
Ans:- On the Amazon Affiliate site, all the products are coming directly from Amazon store owner.
8. Can I add my own products there?
Ans:- Sorry, you can’t add your own products here. There is no such feature. But if you want the shopping cart facility through which you can sell your own products, it can be done. However for this, there will be additional fee charged. Contact us for further details.
9. Are these products fixed or automatically updated when new products enter into the Amazon site ?
Ans:- All the products are coming automatically from Amazon stores. When the new products are added or old ones are sold out, the products on your site are replaced with novel products. So, it makes your site fresh always.
10. Who is handling shipping and delivery of these products?
Ans:- The actual store owner will handle all these tasks. There is nothing to be worried for this.
11. Is there any way I can ship the products myself?
Ans:- Sorry, you can’t do that. Since the customers are transferred to the actual store owner, they will take care of this. Hence, you don’t have to take headache of this.
12. Can I change the entire site design myself?
Ans:- Yes you can change the entire design yourself if you have the technical knowledge on HTML. But if you don’t know HTML and other tools, then you need to take our support; we will do that for you. For this, you need to pay the extra fee.
13. Can I integrate Meta elements like title, description and keywords myself from SEO perspective?
Ans:- Yes, you can integrate these elements in your site Admin Panel. In fact, it is an excellent step to boost your site’s popularity and make it search engine friendly. When search engine spiders notice your site’s presence, you can receive visitors to the site through search engine result pages (SERPs). You can gain more knowledge of SEO promotional strategies in our ‘Knowledge Base’ section.
14. How much profit can I earn?
Ans:- This website holds huge income potential. In case a successful sale occurs through your site, Amazon Associate, ClickBank, etc. will pay you up to 40% commission of the sale price. On the other hand, Google AdSense will make payment on the basis of your site popularity, ranging from a few cents up to $25, when a visitor clicks on an ad on your site. In the end, you’re the sole 100% owner of all these earnings from AdSense, Amazon Associate and ClickBank. Nobody will have a share in your profits.
15. When and how can I receive the payment ?
Ans:- You can directly receive the payment from Google AdSense and Amazon Associate every month. When you make your site live, you obtain guidelines and a hyperlink to register yourself at these different affiliate programs, where you can select the mode of receiving the payment. The payout timetable will differ from one program to another and you can opt to accept a cheque by post or have the sum deposited into your bank account straightaway.
16. Do you provide support for each and every site you sell ?
Ans:- Yes, of course. The main screen of your site Client Area features a function that enables you to create countless customer support ticket. We strive to reply and support tickets inside 24 hours. No phone support is presently available for website to reduce the cost.

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