FIRESALE MAGICIAN, Internet Marketing Triple-play – The Power Of A Fire Sale (CD


FIRESALE MAGICIAN, Internet Marketing Triple-play – The Power Of A Fire Sale (CD

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Firesale Magician

“It’sNot a Disaster, It’s a Tested and Proven Marketing Method SuccessfulBusiness Owners Have Been Using for Years!”

“PutThe Power Of A Fire Sale To Work For You And Discover The InternetMarketing Triple-Play: More Customers, More Sales, More Profits!”

From: Jim Young

Dear Online Marketer,

Being anentrepreneur is tough. There’s aconstant struggle to earn just a little extra, gain one more newcustomer, and cover the bills that always seem to increase, and nevergo down. 

I know how you feel. I struggle with all these things, too. Add to thatthe day to day operations of a small business – things like findingqualified assistants, testing new software, and customer service – andwho has the time to actually market and grow a business?

What if I told you there is a marketingplan so simple,yet so powerful, that onceyou put it to work you’ll wonder why everyone’s not doing it? Would yoube interested?

Then read on, because I have a secret to share, and it begins with…

ASimple Idea That Brick and Mortar Stores Have Used For Years

Whenyou need to raise money fast, build a list of buying customers, or justimprove your revenue stream, it pays to take a page from the retailmarketing handbook and hold a fire sale. After all, it’s worked forbrick and mortar businesses since retail was invented, so making itwork in the digital age should be a snap! 

Well, maybe. Obviously, some things are different. For one, you haven’tactually had a fire (I hope!) and even if you did, digital productsaren’t likely to suffer smoke damage the way a sofa would. But with alittle tweaking, a firesale can grow your business in ways you wouldnever have dreamed. Imagine…

  • More traffic– because everyone loves a great bargain!
  • More customers– those who might never have tried your product or service will jump atthe chance now that your prices are so low!
  • More profit– deep discounts don’t have to equal a financial loss. Make up forprice by selling in massive quantities!

But let’s face it, ifit were that easy, everyone would be doing it. That’s why I wroteFiresale Magician – to share the tricks I’ve learned over the years that will helpmake your fire sale a raging success! Let’s find out how!

FantasticallySuccessful Firesales Don’t Just Happen

Youhave to put in some planning, but don’tworry, I’m going to take all the work out of it and show you exactlywhat you need to do to ensure the success of your firesale. Forexample, I’ll tell you about the three elements every firesale musthave. Without them, your sale will be all smoke and no flame, andthat’s a recipe for disaster. You’ll learn about…

  • Creating asense of urgency– and how to avoid earning a reputation as one of those businesses forwhom everything is on sale every day. 
  • Limitingavailablequantities – and how you cando that even when your product is digital.
  • Harnessing the power ofdiminishing returns – andhow raising the price can actually bring in more buyers!

Youmight think that a firesale is just a temporary shot in the arm foryour business, but in fact, done correctly, a fire sale can help yourbusiness grow exponentially! Enticing a new customer with the promiseof a great product at a fantastic discount is just the tip of theiceberg. That same customer, once she has a taste of the value yourbusiness offers, will not only return to you again and again, butshe’ll tell her friends and colleagues about you as well. Word of mouthadvertising is still the best buzz for your business, and nothing getstongues wagging like a great deal!

Firesalescan build your customer base – both by attracting new customers, and by adding potentialclients to your marketing list!

FiresaleMagician will teach you how to build a list with a firesale, and…

  • How to get customers to returnagain and again, long afteryour firesale has ended.
  • How to schedule firesales formaximum effectiveness -without driving customers away with the “always on sale” gimmick!
  • How to craft an upsell yourfiresale customers won’t beable to resist. 

StopWasting Time Chasing Customers – Get Them to Come to You Instead!

As faras I’m concerned, firesales are the fastest, easiest, and most costeffective way to market your business. Why continue to spend time andenergy on marketing methods that have a low impact and even lower ROI?Instead, host a wildly successful fire sale – I’ll show you how – andwatch your business take off!

I’vespent years perfecting my firesale technique. I only wish there hadbeen someone around to help me get started. That’s why I’ve puttogether this short, easy-to-read (and understand!) report. It givesyou all my best tricks in one small package. It will be like having meright there beside you as you plan and execute your firstfire sale -and every one after that. 

Thisguide is intended for the complete newbie, but even if you’ve got a fewfiresales under your belt, I’m betting you’ll find some helpful tips inthis comprehensive report. For example, I’ll share with you actualexamples from real life business owners just like you who have had hugesuccesses with firesales.

You’lllearn things like how to use bundling to make frequent firesales moreappealing to customers, how to follow-up after a firesale to earn evemore sales, and under what circumstances you should never hold afiresale! 

FireSale Magic is Finally Within Reach!

Thisfast-reading report will teach you everything you need to know, like…

How to structure a firesale -Internet style! Here’s a hint: it doesn’t work the same way abrick and mortar store might plan a fire sale!

Howto use the element of surprise – you’ll have more happy customers thanyou can believe when you use this trick!

Howto use scarcity as a marketing tool  – even when you’ve gotmore product than you can count!

Thepower of a package deal – do this right andcustomers will be begging for more!

6Ways to keep customers coming back again and again – Becausea returning customer is far more valuable to a business than a newcustomer!
The3 “DON’Ts” of fire sales – make these fatal mistakes, and a fire salewon’t make you money, it will cost you!

Idon’t want you to have to spend months or years figuring this stuff outthe hard way, like I did. Believe me, I lost a ton of money and timewhen I didn’t plan my firesales correctly, or didn’t follow up withnew customers promptly. I recovered – eventually – but I don’t wantyour business to suffer that same fate, that’s why I’ve bundled up mybest tricks in this one easy-to-read report. You can hit the groundrunning and get your first fire sale off to a fantastic start. DownloadFiresale Magician today, and you’ll be earning money with fire salesby the end of the week!

Stillnot convinced? Here’s the best part: You can easily use FiresaleMagician for 30 whole days. See it in action. Find out if Firesalesare for you. Then, if you find it’s not what you need to take youronline business to the next level, you’ll be glad todiscover… 

30-DayMoney-Back Guarantee

Yourpurchase of my report comes with comes with my no-risk, 100%,unconditional money-back, 30-day guarantee!

My New Special Report “ Fire SaleMagician” Will Help YouLearn the Tricks of a Wildly Successful Fire Sale – Including Tips onWhat NOT to do – In Less Time Than You Wasted Watching the Last Episodeof Lost!

But if you don’t feel it you learned anything of value, or that firesales aren’t of benefit to your business, simply take advantage of my 30-day unconditionalGuarantee – and confidently ask for aninstant refund!

I’m so confident in my ability to help you plan and implement asuccessful, profitable, business-building fire sale that I’m offeringan iron-clad, no questions asked, money back guarantee. You literallyhave nothing to lose !

So don’t waitanother minute! This short report is all that standsbetween you and fire sale magic. Just click on the button below.

ReportOrder Form

YES! I really want tolearn how I can build a more profitable business by drasticallydiscounting product and turning browsers into buyers!

Please send me my copy of “Firesale Magician”right now so I can finally start building the kind of business successI know I’m capable of.

I understand your SpecialReport includes information about:

  • The basics of an Internet firesale -and the crucial waysit’s different from a traditional fire sale!

  • Real life examples of firesale techniques– to get mestarted on the right foot, even if I’m a total newbie!

  • The ultimate key to building lastingcustomer relationships– and a simple template I can follow so there’s no room for error.

  • Who should NOT hold a firesale – soI won’t waste my timefighting a losing battle.

  • 3 things I must NEVER do if I wantmy firesale to be asuccess!

But most of all,“ Firesale Magician ” will saveme from spending months or years learning the little tips and tricksthat make a fire sale great, and will quickly get me started with thispowerful marketing technique.   

CLICKHERE to Order Now!

(Only $7.00)

I guarantee that once youread my guide and get started planning yourfiresale, you’ll understand why I think Firesales are the bestmarketing trick you can have up your sleeve. You’ll see how they cansave you time – while allowing you to build a business youcan be proud of, quickly, and with little hassle!

Best of all…

No moretrickle of sales, one or maybe two products (on a good day) ata time. Unleash a fire sale and watch the floodgates open!

Don’t wait any longer to putthis proven marketing method to work foryour business.

To your success,

Jim Young  

P.S. Don’t forget: there’sabsolutely no risk to you. If you’re notcompletely satisfied with your purchase, just shoot me a quick emailand I will cheerfully refund your money. No questions asked!

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