I will complete, debug, test your JAVA assignment


Graduating this year at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca Romania, I have accumulated lots of experience in the field of programming and JAVA especially.

OOP is my favorite paradigm so any kind of assignments in this area I can cover easily.
I am able to implement any kind of algorithm from pseudo-code to JAVA, so you can just send that over and wait for me to deliver a runnable application.
I also have experience in JAVA EE, i can implement Web Services, i have used APIs like the Google Places API, Foursquare API, Facebook API so i will be able to help you out with those as well.

If you have some implementation that for some reason is faulty and don’t know what could be wrong with it i can take a look at your code, review it and correct it to get you to the desired output.

If you have the back-end functionality and you just need a fancy GUI for it, I can help you out with that too!

Send me a message now and we can discuss what is exactly that you need help with, i am always online so feel free to message me at anytime.

I can work in IDEs like Netbeans, Eclipse, InteliJ.

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