I will test the security of your blog or website


I’m a full time hacker! I’ve been paid by major companies like Google and Mozilla to hack their products and make them and the Internet a safer place for everyone. My name is in the about:credits for Firefox and I’m listed multiple times on Google’s Security Hall of Fame.

I will scan the URL you provide for 1000s of vulnerabilities including sql injections & cross site scripting. I also check for things like http parameter pollution, code injection and buffer overflows. A complete list of issues that I check for is available upon request. After I am finished with the audit of your website, I will send you a report in PDF format showing any issues found.

Please note that I require verification that this is your site that I am testing. Either a text file called geeknik.txt on the server containing the word authorized or a meta tag where name=geeknik and content=authorized.

I only scan the public side of your site. If you want me to register and login to scan the private side, you have to order a 2nd gig.


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