Who Wants To Be A Internet Millionaire By Vic Johnson – Seminar Workshop Course!


Who Wants To Be A Internet Millionaire By Vic Johnson – Seminar Workshop Course!

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Who Wants To Be  An

Internet  Millionaire

Cracking the Code

Boot Camp


By Vic Johnson




Once You Know How To Build Your

Own Internet Cash Machine You’ll  Never

Have to Worry About Money Again!




Who Wants To Be An Internet Millionaire:
Cracking the Code Boot Camp – Bonus Files

The Entire “Live” Closed Door  Internet Millionaire Boot Camp Seminar.

10 MP3 Audio Files From The Original Workshop Course

Condition: Used but guaranteed to play

The Disc Also includes these Bonus PDF files

– 412 page transcription from the  IMBC course
– Robert Collier Million Dollar Sales Letters
– 358 Winning Online & Offline Headlines!
– The First Hundred Million Ebook

This is the Bonus CD from the original DVD program with all the original Audio from the Workshop Course.

You Are Getting The Original Audio From The Boot Camp Seminar at
10% of the Price!

Please note: This is the Original Bonus Disc that came with the workshop

The Original IMBC Package Retailed for $249


  • STOP worrying about paying your bills every  month

  • STOP worrying about not having enough money  when you retire

  • STOP worrying about the fact that one salary  is no longer enough to get by on


You quite simply can STOP worrying about anything that money can  take care of because it will no longer be a problem creating all the money you  need.

The  10 MP3 Audio Package You Will Be getting in this $3,000 home study program.


MP3 1: Introduction and Your Big Idea

MP3 2: Case Study: $203,381 In A Day

MP3 3: Creating Boatloads of Traffic

MP3 4: He (She) Who Has The Biggest List Wins

MP3 5: Success From The Sales Offer

MP3 6: What Will You Sell? Content and Products

MP3 7: A $1,500 Mini-Site That Generates Six-Figures

MP3 8: Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

MP3 9: Operations and Technology

MP3 10: Customer Relationships and What’s Next



The right formula is all you will need to:

Take three months off EVERY year and take you family away on Holidays  to Hawaii, the Caribbean, etc. etc.

Walk into your boss’s office one Monday morning and tell them you’re  leaving because you can now make more money staying home than fighting  traffic and an ornery boss every day. (The first time you saunter out of your  bedroom and sit down with your laptop out in the fresh morning air on your deck  — and realize you’re at work — you’ll pinch yourself to make sure you’re not  dreaming!).

Buy a bigger house in an area you’ve always wanted to live (My Internet  businesses bought me a home at the beach and another one on a 6,000 acre premier  recreational lake).

Retire early and choose to do whatever you darn well please. And have  your home fully paid for.

…actually it doesn’t matter what you want the money for.


Once you know the formula, you can  use it as
often and for whatever you like.


Features and Benefits

This is a very short list of what we’ll cover during the weekend, but it  represents some of the biggest strategies and tactics that you’ll learn:


  • The exact step-by-step blueprint I used to  create $203,381 in one day. I can promise you that if all you got from this  Boot Camp is that blueprint, it would be worth many, many times your  registration.

  • How to decide what to sell on the Internet and a  guaranteed way to find out how big the demand is by using a simple test that  costs less than $100.

  • Creating boatloads of ever-increasing, qualified  traffic to your site

  • The one secret all the gurus know that almost  guarantees six-figure and seven-figure paydays

  • Identifying niche markets with little or no  competition

  • Why I have multiple shopping carts, multiple  merchant accounts, multiple web hosts, etc (this information can save you  thousands of dollars and hours of heartache)

  • Creating a simple, 5-10 page mini-site for less  than $1,000 that generates six-figures

  • Building a huge, responsive list of eager  customers that generate cash flow month after month. Also includes how to  increase the size of your current list by as much as 33% in the first 24  hours after the event.

  • The real secrets to creating five and six-figure  joint venture deals.

  • What your number one business goal must be if  you expect to build long-term web income.

  • The secret to creating six figures without  spending a dime on advertising.

  • How to set up an automated system that literally  makes money while you sleep.

  • And many more inside secrets.



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