How To Get More Value Out of Google Search

Google provides us with enormous information, and it has allowed us to find the value we need quickly. If you think back several years ago, you’ll remember how search engines were so complicated and the results were even more. For example, you’d type in a search phrase and the engine would return low quality results. However, things have changed enormously and search engines now provide more value than ever before. The cool thing now is that search engines are able to provide bloggers valuable insight into what’s trending. They can then use this information to write more targeted information that ultimately resonates with readers. However, I’m surprised at the amount of people who don’t make use of the other information displayed in Google. For example, you’ve probably noticed:

  • Google News
  • Google Questions
  • Related-to results
  • Google Alerts

I’ll like to discuss some of these right now because over the years this has helped me put together better content. I believe you’ll be able to do the same. This will help you rank higher within the SERPS and allow you to write content which converts with your readers. Let’s get started and your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Google News

Many times as bloggers we’ll write content based on news we hear. We’ll also like to add quotes or reference what we have heard in the news about the topic we are writing about. With that said, it’s important you make use of the Google News section because this will help you find up-to-date information which you can use in your content. For example, I have a blog that provides help to people living with Bipolar Disorder. Since this is a topic which requires a lot of references it’s important I have statistics to add into my content. Whenever I do a search within Google about medication, research, etc., I’ll make sure to check out the news section to read new studies being done on medication or general research on bipolar.

Method: The method is very simple to view the Google News search. Head over to Google, and do a search typing in your main keyword or phrase. After select search, then towards the top next to the image tab, you’ll see one which says “News”. Once you click that, you’ll see the recent news based on the keyword you used during the initial search process. To find more targeted news, it’s a good idea to be as targeted when typing in your keyword phrase.

Google News is awesome because it gives you up to date news in real-time. This is why it’s important to go back and check the news a few times a day. However, you can also setup Google Alerts which I’ll be discussing later on in more detail.

Remember, Google News search is awesome for those bloggers who need to add some real research, stats, etc. to their content.

Google Questions

I was reading content published by Neil Patel, and he introduced something cool to me which I had no clue about before. Google Questions that display in between results when you type in question like search terms. However, it’s what you can do as a blogger which makes it so powerful. For example, as bloggers we are always looking for ways to improve the bottom-line. We want to provide solutions to common problems people are having. We want to find common questions, and write the best possible content available online…right? Google questions is a great way to find out what people have been asking and then write out answers customized to meet their needs. Here’s a strategy I like to use which has increased my traffic by 15% in as little as 3 months.

  • Start with my target keyword phrase and hit search. Skim through the search results looking for some of the questions that appear.
  • Write down a list of questions so I ca research them a bit further.
  • Head over to Google Keyword Planner and look for keywords related to the questions to check search volume, competition, etc. This will come in handy when I write content, and need to include keywords in the content itself.
  • Head over to and type in keywords to check competitor content. This is important so you write content better then all others online. This will spark social media buzz, and increase traffic quickly. It’s about providing the best value online, and you have to stand out compared to your competition.

Google Questions makes it easier for you to find out what others are typing because they show only popular questions. This is good because you know which way to direct your focus when writing your content.


This is something relatively new compared to a lot of the other features. Awesome to find other related terms to your main keyword phrase. I like to use this section to find other long-tail and target keywords to add into my content before publishing. However, you want to choose keywords which are precise to your bottom-line. For example, if you are writing about link building, then it’s a good idea to look for “related-to” terms which include link building within them too. Next, you can do exactly what was mentioned above which is to head over to and look for competitor content based on these keywords. This will allow you to find ways to improve your overall content making it way better than your competition. For example, look for ways to include videos, images, infographics, etc to stand out compared to all other content published. Why do I keep emphasizing this?

Social media is huge and if your competitor content has been shared thousands of times then imagine what this will do for you when you put together something more improved…right? Having the best content online will ensure you get the MOST social media shares which in turn is great for your bottom-line.

Google Alerts

This is another cool concept, and I am using Google Alerts simply because I want the same information sent to me every day. Google Alerts is something you can setup using a combination of keywords, phrases, etc to get up-to-date news sent to you when it happens. I use Google Alerts to get updates on new link building and content marketing methods coming into play. Next, I have used Google Alerts for my bipolar blog because it’s important to me that I have the best research and testing news available at all times. The cool thing is to setup Google Alerts is NOT hard at all because all it takes is a few clicks. Head over to Google Alerts to get started and follow the steps. They have provided more than enough information on the entire process.


Right from the Google search bar, you have many other options available, and the one you choose depends on your niche. It also depends on your purpose, for example if you have an image, video or infographic website. The point I’m making is that we sometimes get caught up in purchasing tools or looking outside the box to find the information we need. However, sometimes sticking to Google search is good enough to find all the information we are looking for. Head over to Google search, and take some time to explore the options you have available. See how you can incorporate what’s available to your content or blogging.

Final Thoughts

Google search is always being improved to give you the best information. Through a simple search command, you’ll be able to find enormous value from every search. However, you have to know how to use the other commands in order for you to find the valuable keywords, phrases, etc. In this content I went over some of the MOST valuable search tools available with the click of a mouse button. Here they are again:

Google News – A great tool to find trending news on your niche. I use it to find research being done on bipolar, and new medication statistics. You can use this in order to find the latest news within your industry too.

Google Questions – Neil Patel introduced me to this part, and it can be used to find the MOST trending questions. Create a list of the questions, then create a high value piece of content. Use to find competitors which have written on the same topic. Find ways to improve your content going forward by adding videos, images, infographics, etc. Social media will be your best friend to build traffic, and get your content in front of niche-relevant people.

Related-To – This section has been around for some time however you need to know how to use it when writing content. When you type a search in Google, you’ll see the “related-to” towards the bottom. Use it to find other related terms or phrases that you can add into your content. This is great to find long-tail keywords, and find other phrases which are slowly gaining traction.

Google Alerts

I started to play around with Google Alerts this year. This really helps me because I have a bipolar blog which requires up to date information. It’s very easy to setup, and you can get the MOST up-to-date information right to your inbox in real-time. I’m surprised at the amount of people who don’t take advantage of Google Alerts. All that’s required is a account, and after a few clicks you’ll be setup. Add your keywords, questions, related keywords, etc. That’s all!

Start by going through the content, and utilizing the strategies discuss. See which ones work best for you, then optimize them going forward.

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