How to Effectively Retarget Your Email Subscribers on Facebook

The main purpose of your email marketing efforts is to drive subscribers back to your website, whether it’s to read your new blog post or to get them to make a purchase. But if your subscribers open your email, give it a quick browse, and don’t head to your website, what can you do?

Many website owners will just work on improving their email marketing campaigns and hope for a better result next time. But, there’s another highly effective tactic you can use, it’s called retargeting.

Retargeting is a cookie you can place on your website that tracks your site visitors, “follows” them across the web, and displays targeted ads on Facebook, Google, etc. to encourage users to return to your website. But, you can retarget your email subscribers too. By using the data from your website retargeting cookie and your email list, you can create highly effective, personalized Facebook retargeting ads. So, if your subscribers don’t take action with your email, you can get them to take action via Facebook.

Here’s how to effectively retarget your email subscribers on Facebook.

Segment Subscribers Who Didn’t Click

For whatever reason, many of your subscribers may not click on your email at all. In fact, according to email marketing benchmarks from GetResponse, in North America, the email open rate is 19.49 percent, with a click-through rate of only 3.32 percent. So, to capture the attention of those subscribers who don’t click on your emails, you can retarget them on Facebook.

Segment the subscribers who didn’t click on your email into their own list. You can then import that list to Facebook to create a Custom Audience. That way, your retargeting ads will be shown specifically to those who didn’t read your email. Those subscribers may not have noticed you in their inbox, but when you display your message to them on social media, they’ll be more likely to pay attention.

Segment Leads from Customers

Some subscribers on your email list are already customers and some are leads; you need to consider this when retargeting. The goal of your email marketing campaigns should be to guide your subscribers through the buyer’s journey. So, you need to segment leads from customers. Your efforts should be spent on turning your leads into customers and your customers into lifelong, loyal fans.

For example, if your subscribers haven’t purchased your product yet, you can display a Facebook retargeting ad to those subscribers specifically, in order to tempt them into buying. To really catch their attention, you can offer them an irresistible deal that will make them want to buy right away. This Facebook ad from BarkBox uses this exact strategy, which includes a killer deal.

You don’t want to waste these Facebook retargeting ads on subscribers who’ve already made a purchase. Seeing an ad like the one above might even annoy your customers, especially if they never got that sweet deal. Those customers should be shown Facebook ads that offer deals for an upgrade or an upsell that’s relevant to them.

Segment Based on Demographics and Interests

Consumers want to receive messages that are personalized to them and they’re more likely to engage with those personalized messages vs. broad, blanket messages. In fact, according to MarketingProfs, nearly three-fourths of marketers report that targeted messages and personalization of emails improve customer engagement. So, you need to personalize your Facebook retargeting ads too. You can increase personalization by segmenting your email list based on demographics and interests. For instance, if some of your subscribers are only interested in a specific type of product, you’ll want to show them ads that are relevant to them.

For instance, based on what products they browse on your website, your Facebook retargeting ads should display those same products, similar to the example below.

Image Source

You can also get users to segment themselves based on interests and demographics the instant they become a subscriber. One way to accomplish this is to offer them 2 different lead magnets, via an exit-intent popup, in exchange for signing up for your email list. For instance, you might provide a lead magnet specifically for aspiring bloggers and another one for aspiring virtual assistants. Based on which one the user picks, they’ll segment themselves and you immediately know what they’re more interested in.

Don’t forget that demographics like age, gender, and location are important as well. For instance, a subscriber living in Florida, probably won’t be interested in your Facebook retargeting ad showcasing deals on snowsuits.

Start Retargeting Your Email Subscribers Today

With these tips for retargeting your email subscribers on Facebook, you’ll be able to boost your engagement and sales in no time. Remember, you don’t have to do all of this work yourself. Many of the best email marketing services will allow you to segment your email list for more personalized retargeting ads with just the click of a button. Retargeting your email subscribers is not only highly-effective and affordable, it’s easy too. Start retargeting your email subscribers on Facebook today.

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