New Ford F-150 Lightning Can Power Your House During a Blackout

Ford showed the world their new F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck yesterday, and one of the most useful features is the power outlets to power tools at job sites or appliances at camp grounds. There’s a total of ten 120 V outlets (two in the cab, four the frunk, and four in the bed) and one 240 V outlet in the bed.

However, what’s really unique is the Intelligent Backup Power. This feature requires a Ford Charge Station Pro. Normally it’s a 19.2 kWh home charger to charge the car. But in the case of a blackout, it can also work as a 9.6 kWh power source for the house, with the 100 kWh battery of the F-150 supplying the power.

Ford expects that it should allow the F-150 Lightning to power an average house for three days (assuming 30 kWh a day), or up to about 10 days if power is rationed (like 10 kWh a day or so).

Real innovation from a legacy automaker! I can barely believe it.

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