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Good morning, Marketers, today we introduce two important resources to our MarTech community.

One is MarTech’s Email Marketing Periodic Table, which covers every essential process and pitfall in the delivery of emails, so that you can hit every goal in your marketing strategy through this channel.

The other resource is the launch of a new series by marketing ops agency Perkuto. They get deep into key updates from Marketo, Bizible and Workato. Among these is the Workato Automation HQ. “Placing focus on how organizations will manage their automated processes from start to finish is a big play and will set a solid foundation for organizations to scale and become more efficient,” Perkuto states.

Couldn’t agree more, and this got me thinking about the new Celtra-Pinterest integration a little further down. In order to tap into targeted audiences at scale, digital marketers need the tools for a unified workflow that includes creative automation and testing.

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What matters in Marketo, Bizable and Workato’s May releases  

In the first in this series of MOPs Rundowns, marketing operations agency Perkuto looks at Marketo’s May release, unpacking Executable Campaigns as well as some favorite API enhancements.

Next-Generation Experience Updates in Marketo: These two minor updates have a major impact on day-to-day Marketo operations. One of which is a big move for accessibility and the other, the return of a functionality MOPs professionals had desperately missed.

  • Iconography and badges and larger, more colorful, and with a higher level of accessibility; including tool-tips.
  • Drag and drop it like it’s hot! Marketo users had lost this functionality and were forced to right-click and move assets to a folder but with the drag and drop back, so is your efficient day-to-day operations.

May was also a big month for Workato. With its first annual conference, Automate, it announced two major developments:

  • Workato’s Automation HQ, which will help bridge communication around automations across the organization; and
  • Workato Accelerators, a fully-packaged solution for a broad set of automation use-cases.

The learnings from Workato’s customer base have driven this set of templatized, packaged assets which include pre-built recipes, custom connectors, data models, and more. A continuous stream of new accelerators will be released over the coming months.

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The Periodic Table that tackles deliverability and optimization  

Email has long been one of the most reliable marketing channels for getting your messaging in front of your customers. Whether it’s content in the form of a weekly newsletter, a personalized promotion or an important account update, marketers need to trust that their message will be delivered and that they’ve optimized those messages to get maximum engagement. That is why MarTech is releasing today an updated Email Marketing Periodic Table that tells you everything you need to know about sending emails that your customers want to receive and that inboxes won’t block.

Each element in this table represents a factor that you need to consider to be successful in email. The elements are gathered into categories based on their relationships to one another, and the categories are designated as related to either Optimization or Deliverability. Further down on the table, you’ll see Toxins, a category for practices that can poison your email marketing efforts, and Traps, which you’ll want to be aware of falling into.

Digital marketing is indeed an art, but it is also a science. We hope this tool serves as an essential reference for your experiments.

Get MarTech’s Email Marketing Periodic Table

Celtra partners with Pinterest  

Creative automation software company Celtra announced a partnership with visual discovery platform Pinterest allowing brands to distribute Pinterest ads at scale through a direct API integration.

Global commerce company Shopify was the first to preview the integration, which allowed them to test and update creative elements for ads with a streamlined workflow throughout Pinterest’s nearly half a billion monthly active users.

Why we care. Pinterest is already a haven for discovery, as users scour the platform for ideas about what to buy, from vacations to foods to home improvements. One of the main reasons for Pinterest’s growth is its authentic community of creators, and to message them requires a lot of labor and coordination or a comparable automated solution. Pinners don’t want to be served thoughtless ads.

 Quote of the day

“I’ll never understand why clients choose agencies who they will fight tooth and nail with on the work. If you want a vendor, just say that.” Aisha Hakim, Associate Creative Director, Preacher

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