Ignoring customer needs: Marketoon of the Week

This week’s Marketoon taps into something that’s been on all our minds, or should be. Since the pandemic began, many customers have changed their behavior, engaging with companies through new channels at all times of day.

Fishburne’s take: Some of the desire for business to go back to normal is an illusion. Customer expectations will continue to evolve. The post-pandemic world will also have its own changing dynamics that will require businesses to keep up. A report released this week from January Digital and Foresight Research found that “50% of US consumers expect brands to retain and improve upon pandemic conveniences.” This creates an opportunity for organizations that can continue to keep pace. 

Why we care: Good service builds trust with customers, and advances like conversational AI make the increased engagement by customers manageable. Don’t forget, the more conversations and messages you have, the more feedback and data businesses obtain to further improve experience. It’s a virtuous circle accelerated by the pandemic.

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