Targeting younger audiences: Marketoon of the Week

Younger Audiences cartoon

It’s no secret that as Gen Zers reach adulthood, marketers are already eyeing their successors, Generation Alpha. Where does it end? This week’s Marketoon throws a ridiculous light on the tendency to target younger and younger audiences.

Fishburne’s take: Epoch Strategy Director Alex Murrell wrote a fascinating piece a couple years ago on “The Ageism in Advertising” and the knee-jerk way that marketers obsess over younger generations. Alex cited that only 5% of advertising spend is targeted to adults aged 35-64, despite the fact that over 50s hold 80% of the wealth (in the UK), make up 60% of car sales, 58% of travel spending, 50% of health and beauty sales, and 49% of all FMCG sales.

Why we care. Marketers should never leave behind their core audience in an attempt to beat their competition to the punch. What we know about Gen Z, however, is that they influence the buying decisions and behaviors of older consumers they live with. Long before Generation Alpha gets their first job and buys their first home, they will have left their mark in the marketing world.

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