Free eBook: Driving sales for software companies thanks to email marketing

Some have dared say email is a thing of the past. But results from this channel show that email isn’t going anywhere. 

From the marketing mix, this channel brings the highest return on investment and — with the right strategy — can be the most powerful tactic in your marketing toolbox. Sendinblue’s latest email marketing eBook dedicated to the software industry reveals this is particularly the case for SaaS and digital solutions. With the industry boasting an average email open rate of almost 27%, when it comes to exploring new software solutions, customers value the information they get by email.

Email marketing can provide companies in the software industry with a unique competitive advantage to target audiences finely, personalize and vulgarize the customer experience, as well as allow marketing professionals to understand engagement and conversion, which helps them optimize the sales funnel. 

Here are three of the main points from Sendinblue’s ebook on why email marketing should become your best ally when it comes to accelerating the growth of your software solution: 

1. It can be easily applied to an agile marketing approach

As a software company, chances are you’ve used an agile approach when developing your products and solutions, and your marketing strategy is no different. When focusing on rapid iterations over big campaigns to develop, release, and test content within a few months, email marketing is ideal if you are adopting an agile approach. A/B testing, personalization, conditional display, and rate tracking are possible with a powerful email marketing tool such as Sendinblue, particularly for lead generation and nurturing activities based on your lead or customer journey. 

2. Email allows you to promote high-quality lead generation content

A steady flow of quality leads means increased sales opportunities for any software business. The more relevant information you can get from potential clients, the more you’ll be able to segment your audience and personalize content to drive conversions.

Email marketing allows you to promote your creative and value-packed resources to attract leads, such as original research and reports that enhance your authority in your niche. 

3. Email is an ideal channel for both acquisition and retention strategies

When talking about growth, most people tend to think of customer acquisition, but no business would be able to survive without loyal customers, and the software sector is no exception. Email can help you accelerate your acquisition growth, and the channel also has a strong case for customer loyalty.

When it comes to retention, besides an optimal user experience, educating your customer and celebrating their milestones should be essential to your strategy. As a channel, email allows you to easily create those additional touchpoints in the customer journey so you can go beyond transactions. That way, you can help your clients achieve their goals and eliminate their pain points. And if you distill this content strategically throughout the customer lifecycle, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to offer value.

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