Mailchimp responds to customers’ demands for new email templates

Mailchimp, the marketing automation and email marketing platform for small businesses, today announced the release of new email templates, one of the most requested updates from its customers. The templates can be customized by marketers with no coding skills required. 21 new templates were made available for purchase today; more will follow, making up a total of 50.

Mailchimp is focused on the cost-effectiveness of email campaigns to introduce smaller brands to new customers, citing research which suggests an ROI of $42 per dollar spent.

We asked Joni Deus, VP of Strategic Partnerships and App Marketplace at Mailchimp, about the significance of the release for Mailchimp customers. “When someone buys an email template and transfers it into Mailchimp, they need to know how to code to upload that template, which isn’t always in a small business owner’s skillset. Now, customers can purchase new templates directly within Mailchimp and use them immediately, saving them time when they need it most.”

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Why we care. As Deus went on to say, “the marketing landscape for small business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs has changed fast within the last year.” True words, and opportunities have been created for smaller business to go head to head with larger competitors as digital marketing has — in some respects — leveled the playing field. Brick and mortar presence and widespread geographical location are not the automatic advantage they once were.

But it’s leveled the marketplace only in so far as small businesses have the digital chops to leverage web, email and other touchpoints. It looks like Mailchimp is giving them a helping hand here.

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