Out-of-home VIOOH partners with Taptap Digital

Taptap Digital, the omnichannel marketing and advertising intelligence platform, and VIOOH, a digital out-of-home marketplace, have announced a partnership aimed at making OOH more accessible to brands and agencies.

Taptap offers geo-spatial intelligence on customer location and online and offline behavior. Within Taptap, the audience intelligence can be activated across any channel, including digital OOH. VIOOH optimizes inventory for OOH operators (essentially, publishers) and provides advertisers and agencies with programmatic access to OOH inventory on a global scale.

Combining Taptap’s intelligence with VIOOH’s supply should provide marketers with more tools and information to plan, execute and measure OOH campaigns.

Why we care. As we said yesterday, OOH is back. It’s back to different degree, of course, in different countries and regions, but people are emerging from shelter, taking public transit again, and looking at traditional and digital billboards.

Digital OOH was one form of digital marketing that could hardly be expected to thrive during the pandemic. But now the brakes are off, and we expect to see movement in this space. Traditional billboards, of course, aren’t going anywhere just yet, but the opportunities to display relevant, contextually appropriate, programmatic advertising (and other information) through digital billboards are exciting.

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