Narrative partners with mobile data provider Complementics

Data streaming platform Narrative announces a new partnership with mobile data provider Complementics that enables marketers and other users to gain access to data or monetize their own. Narrative’s technology which is CCPA and GDPR compliant, allows other parties to collaborate with their data. With consumers spending more and more time on digital channels, data collaborations have especially picked up in the streaming adtech supply chain.

While Narrative has other mobile data sources that it partners with, including Bridge, Cross Pixel and blog comment solution Disqus, the new partnership is significant and has already gained interest from partners, especially on the buy side, said Nick Jordan, CEO of Narrative.

More data needed. With increased privacy regulations in recent years, as well as Apple iOS updates and Google’s cookie deprecation plans, all kinds of organizations are scrambling for data. “When GDPR came out, predictably there was a drop in supply and interest in buying more data. With the Apple changes we see a similar drop in supply.”

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Buy or sell? With data seemingly more precious than ever, big brands are teaming up with Narrative as a tech solution to buy as well as to sell their data. Complementics, for instance, provides mobile audience data solutions for U.S. and international audiences, such as geofencing and location analytics.

Data drives experience. “A common thing that comes up is that a buyer will say, my CRM has a bunch of fields not filled out for their customers,” said Jordan. “They want to fill in the gaps of the CRM and then do an email marketing campaign with a better brand experience. You’re knowing your customer better, and improving your customer acquisition strategy after that.”

Why we care. During the pandemic, we all saw marketing budgets tighten. In order to deliver successful campaigns, the data has to be accurate. Monetizing data will also be a revenue stream organizations of all kinds will be tapping into. In order to do so, they will need to seek out a responsible third-party solution.

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