Brand choice: Marketoon of the Week

This week’s Marketoon reminds us to maintain a balanced approach when evaluating the effects marketing has on consumers.

Fishburne’s take: All of this corporate research — shopper decision trees, category management decks, and the like — can be valuable.  But followed too closely, they can lead to marketing myopia.  Consumers don’t think about brands nearly as much as the marketers of those brands think about the brands.

Why we care: Brand success is, to a large degree, in the eyes of the customer. They don’t particularly care what pains marketers took in designing the packaging that caught their eye. There is also a new marketing playbook that accounts for the increase in research that consumers do online themselves. Nearly half of consumers currently do some kind of research on social media, for instance. So, remember that the customer’s decision process is constantly changing, and do your best to keep up by using data in a smart way.

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