Marketing work management: the forgotten essential

When talking about martech, we most often think about tools that allow us to perform a specific task related to marketing — analyze traffic on our websites, aggregate and understand customer data, deliver personalized messaging, etc.

But most marketing initiatives require we employ multiple tools to achieve our objectives. Just to use one example, we may use Google Doc to write a whitepaper, Canva to create graphics to illustrate it, and something like Adobe InDesign or Acrobat to bring it all together. Then, the asset goes into the marketing automation platform, which integrates with the content management system and other tools that drive traffic to that piece of gated content.

How are marketers tying all this together? Many are using a category of tool that’s undergoing a great deal of change, marketing work management (MWM). Some of the software we looked at in our just-launched MarTech Intelligence Report on the space are all-purpose project management tools, but, increasingly, vendors are adding features specific to common marketing workflows (like proofing and getting approvals on that above-mentioned whitepaper, for example). And some new tools are arising with their sights on agency and marketer customers.

When we conducted an informal survey of our audience earlier this year, 70% of the 71 respondents said they already use a tool like this to manage their daily work, while others use everything from pen and paper to email folders to spreadsheets to Slack or Microsoft Teams to the workflow capabilities of another tool like a CRM, marketing automation platform or DAM.

We also asked marketers whether they collaborated with others within tools, regardless of whether they were primarily working within a dedicated app or whether they used a combination of solutions. Most did collaborate, either across their whole company (24%), within a small group (34%) or within the whole marketing department (23%).

Source: Survey of MarTech and Search Engine Land readers

Another trend we looked at is the increasingly connected nature of these tools. Many marketers (43%) reported that their tool already connects to other systems, but our survey indicated that many of these integrations are not yet being employed.

Source: Survey of MarTech and Search Engine Land readers
Source: Survey of MarTech and Search Engine Land readers

Though we didn’t get enough responses to make this a genuinely representative sample, it’s certainly a window into what’s happening in many marketers’ everyday work lives. With all the innovations coming from vendors, they’re certainly hoping to increase use among marketers.

For more on marketing work management tools, including the trends driving adoption, an analysis of features and profiles of vendors, download our MarTech Intelligence Report, Enterprise Marketing Work Management Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide.

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