Infutor announces partnership with AWS

Consumer identity management and resolution platform Infutor has announced that its data assets are now available on AWS (Amazon Web Services). This will enable marketers using AWS to easily access Infutor’s extensive database of deterministic (and privacy compliant) third-party identity and attribute data to supplement and enhance their first-party data sets.

Consumer data at scale. Infutor’s Total Consumer Insights database aggregates privacy-compliant behavioral and household attributes, as well as as auto, property and mobile ad ID data, on some 266 million US consumers and 120 million households, putting it on a comparable to the U.S. consumer data-sets maintained by Epsilon and Experian. It incorporates predictive attributes such as age, household income and gender.

This follows earlier news that Infutor is collaborating with data privacy workflow provider Nth Party to enable prospects and customers to use in-browser encryption to evaluate Infutor’s ability to enhance their first-party data — without actually sharing the data with Infutor. 

Why we care. The threatened but postponed deprecation of third-party cookies is throwing a spotlight on providers like Infutor who aggregate vast quantities of deterministic third-party data and are able to resolve it to consumer identities at scale.

The ability to run first-party data against Infutor’s database and identity graph without actually exposing the data to Infutor is a neat add-on.

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