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Good morning, Marketers, and are you happy where you are?

I ask because I’ve been reading suggestions that many marketers are looking to make a change in their career trajectories in the near future. One suggestion is that many will leave agencies for a more secure (or secure-feeling, anyway) in-house experience. But an alternative suggestion is that many are looking at the gig economy — freelancing or taking short-term consultancies.

Indeed, the “fractional CMO” is becoming more common. Just recently I met someone who describes themselves in that way: they sign on with start-ups or companies looking for rapid short-term growth, steer them through those waters, then move on. It’s understood that they’re not a permanent hire.

Interestingly, I’ve also come across the fractional role in marketing operations. Talented and versatile ops professionals can put an ops organization on the right track then look for a new challenge. How are you feeling right now? In need of security and stability, or risk and adventure? Let me know: (responses can be treated as anonymous, of course).

Kim Davis

Editorial Director

A loyalty boom for David’s Bridal using mobile wallet technology  

David’s Bridal, a US-based retailer that specializes in wedding dresses and formal wear for proms and other events, had a problem. Their legacy printed coupon system was complicated for both their customers and store associates. But updating the system was no small task. The sheer scale of moving from a legacy print-based coupon system to a 21st-century digital loyalty program required a platform with robust capabilities that could easily align with David’s Bridal’s digital transformation goals.

They went with Popwallet, a mobile wallet marketing platform that provides a range of customer experience management tools integrated through Apple Wallet and Google Pay. David’s Bridal customers can download coupons, schedule consultations, and earn free gifts. Another part of the loyalty program is structured around an enhanced customer service experience through their exclusive Diamond Desk program. Popwallet customized a UI for David’s Bridal associates to help them more effectively assist customers.

The program added over half a million members in the first six months. A good loyalty program can build community, increase customer engagement and improve overall customer experience — and customers have come to expect this from retailers.

Read more here.

Salesforce: Marketers bullish on digital engagement

Almost 80% of marketers feel their work provides more value now than it did a year ago. More than 80% of marketers say the following have completely or somewhat changed since pre-pandemic days:

  • Digital engagement strategy;
  • Workplace strategy;
  • Workflows and processes;
  • Data management strategy;
  • KPIs and metrics.

The list goes on, based on interviews with over 8,200 marketers in almost 40 countries. Salesforce’s seventh annual “State of Marketing” report paints an optimistic picture of marketing after almost a year and a half of unprecedented turbulence. And with a surge in digital-first engagement, there’s notable growth YoY in tracking customer referral rates (29% growth), customer acquisition costs (26%), content engagement (23%) and customer satisfaction analytics (22%).

Why we care. Anecdotally and through observation we know this to be true. Digital now comes first for both B2C and B2B customers; marketers have responded swiftly to this; and data has become even more critical in optimizing campaigns and measuring outcomes. 

It’s useful now to have evidence in support of these observations, with some 80% of a large and international sample of marketers affirming that the pandemic changed pretty much everything.

Quote of the day

“Just so you know, firing your CMO and putting a CRO in charge of your marketing probably isn’t going to solve your marketing problem. Companies love to use organizational structure as a band aid instead of fixing the real problem which is strategy and mindset.” Chris Walker, CEO, Refine Labs

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