More downtime for Salesforce

Salesforce users complained of an outage, or at least very slow load times, beginning around 8.20 a.m. EST today. The quantity of complaints to peaked around 10 a.m.

By early this afternoon, Salesforce was reporting that the incident had been mitigated for all customers, save for those using one instance (or server), NA151, which was requiring a manual re-start.

The outage (or long lag) is nothing new for Salesforce customers. On May 11 of this year, a widespread outage affected a number of Salesforce products, and, according to reports, even took down the status page. The May outage was attributed to a DNS issue (Microsoft Azure had reported the same cause for an outage in April).

Salesforce customers also experienced intermittent connectivity problems on June 9.

Why we care. It just makes the whole digital eco-system feel so fragile. We’re always connected — except when we’re not. And Salesforce is a foundational element in the marketing tech stack for so many businesses. But taking a glass half full perspective, maybe this should remind us how lucky we are. If it wasn’t possible to conduct business remotely and digitally almost all the time, what would the solution to the last year and a half have been?

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