Meeting or email? Marketoon of the Week

In this week’s Marketoon, are you having too many meetings?

Fishburne’s take: Last week, Facebook released a free beta for a new virtual reality meeting experience called Horizon Workrooms. As slick as the demo looks, the idea of using more of my brain in a meeting makes my head hurt. If you’ve experienced Zoom fatigue from the increased cognitive load, just imagine the level of meeting fatigue from VR.

I think a bigger question than how we’ll meet in the future though, is why — why we’re having this particular meeting at all?  No technology can solve boring or unnecessary meetings. A Korn Ferry report in 2019 found that 67% of workers say that too much time in meetings kept them from making an impact at work.  They also found that 35% said they’d go to a meeting even if they knew it wasn’t going to be productive, instead of declining the meeting.

Why we care: It comes down to collaboration and efficiency. Work management technology helps avoid a lot of the problems that meetings are supposed to solve. So before considering virtual replacements for meetings, take a closer look at the technology that keeps everybody on track simultaneously in a unified workflow.

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