TransUnion launches TruAudience

Global information company TransUnion has announced the launch of TruAudience, a new suite of data solutions for marketers. The launch represents the culmination of acquisitions and partnerships by TransUnion in recent years, many of which making the company a significant presence in the adtech landscape, especially in streaming video.

As part of the launch, Tru Optik (which TransUnion acquired last year) becomes the TruAudience Data Marketplace. Streaming media advertisers can use the marketplace to access audience segments through a myriad of partners, including Kantar, Comscore, Lotame, IHS Market and NCSolutions. Thousands of publishers and marketers are already plugged into the marketplace, powering the deployment of ads through streaming video, audio and games.

Another part of the new suite is the TruAudience Platform, which includes a proprietary identity graph and enables marketers to use multikey matching and machine learning to onboard first-party data, while also modeling audiences for campaigns.

The third major piece to the suite is TruAudience Identity, which promises three-dimensional, omnichannel views of individuals, devices and households.

Why we care. Audiences are now cutting the cord and taking up streaming options for their TV needs. What marketers now see is a mass market of TV watchers that can be reached through digital channels to be served addressable ads and cross-channel messaging. But many consumers are also still cautious about privacy, so brands require the most tech-forward platforms and identity solutions to ensure that their campaigns are privacy compliant.

Taking advantage of intelligent data from TransUnion and their partners (much in the way Experian has also mobilized anonymized financial data with an identity solution) requires a broad network of adtech players. As a result, TruAudience delivers insights into 98% of U.S. adults and over 127 million households, according to the company.

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