Talkwalker acquires Reviewbox as UGC importance grows

Consumer intelligence company Talkwalker has acquired review management platform Reviewbox, expanding its capabilities to integrate e-commerce and user-generated content data with its extensive customer insights offerings. The company serves over 2,500 brands, including Delta and Whirlpool.

A key addition to Talkwalker’s social and customer data is Reviewbox’s product data, which is gathered from sites like Amazon, Walmart and eBay. As we’ve recently found, user-generated content and product reviews are up since the start of the pandemic and a key source of insights and exposure for many brands.

“Reviews give you an understanding of just what your customers think of your products, whether that’s good or bad,” newly hired CEO Tod Nielsen said in a statement. “This integration gives you a real-time view of this data, enabling you to react, and also helping you shape your products for the future.”

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Why we care. For marketers, the increasingly fragmented media landscape requires a great deal of data gathering across all digital channels. This deal combines two key areas for brand safety, marketing intelligence and customer insights: social media and product reviews. This becomes even more critical with e-commerce’s rise

Customers are going to post about your company where they are, not in a place that’s necessarily most convenient for the brand. These customers who are thinking about your brand and sharing their experiences are highly engaged and worth your attention. If a marketing team isn’t using a platform to bring together all of this data at scale, they are leaving behind insights, and, ultimately, potential sales.

The rise of social commerce also further merges the two worlds of social media buzz and e-commerce when it becomes easier for customers to make purchases through social media platforms.

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