InMoment acquires NLP specialist Lexalytics

Lexalytics, an established leader in the natural language processing (NLP) and analytics space yesterday announced its acquisition by InMoment, the customer and employee experience platform. Lexalytics uses AI-driven NLP to drive insights from a range of channels, whether the data is structured or unstructured. These include social media, call centers, voice, reviews, support tickets and chat logs.

The acquisition is aimed at significantly elevating the analysis of customer and employee feedback in the InMoment Experience Improvement platform, going far beyond surveys, and transforming the data into actionable insights.

Why we care. Lexalytics was founded in 2003, which makes it a veteran in terms of marketing tech years. It’s also a rare example of a vendor almost dominating its niche in the market. InMoment is actually a year older, and distinguishes itself from other CX offerings by emphasizing the importance of employee experience in achieving business success.

We won’t pretend we saw this coming, but it’s clear why a solution like Lexalytics can provide value in this context.

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