Salesforce Service Cloud updated with AI-powered workflows for brands

Salesforce announced updates to their Service Cloud, including workflow tools powered by AI and contact center solutions.

The new workflows are built into the Customer 360 platform assisting customer service teams. Predictive capabilities allow reps, in some cases, to flag a problem before a customer is aware of it. The release also includes innovations for digital contact centers for video, chat, voice and workforce engagement that accounts for both the customer side and service employees.

New Salesforce Service Cloud Features

The new Customer Service Incident Management offering from Salesforce gets out in front of service issues by allowing teams to identify and track incidents, and manage them from a single screen. This cuts down on making customers more frustrated when agents don’t have visibility into the full customer experience. Additionally, the AI in this tool uses automation to point out incidents based on a high volume of calls that come in about a particular issue.

Customer Service Incident Management also includes “Swarming,” allowing the customer service team to bring in internal and external partners to collaborate on a problem or incident, using Slack. Robot process automation capabilities (RPA) for Service Cloud come courtesy of Salesforce’s recent acquisition of Servicetrack.

Why we care. There are at least two trends in this release that marketers should keep an eye on. One, customer service is a crucial place where brands can gain a competitive edge. It also remains an important channel or channels (chatbot, SMS, etc.) where marketers can engage customers and develop a relationship with them.

In the technology space, this is also an important sign that workflow is paramount for marketing teams and organizations overall. Swarming is one example of how Salesforce is putting its acquisition of Slack to work. In some form or another, work-from-home and other remote work collaborations are here to stay.

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