Stensul integrates its email creation platform with Slack and Teams

Stensul, an email creation platform, has announced new integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams. Stensul speeds email creation through simplified collaboration processes, user role optimization, and templates and modules with brand guidelines embedded.

Stakeholder feedback on email creative can be spread across disparate channels, including emails as well as collaboration platforms. These new integrations enable creative activity within the Stensul platform to be shared with teams in dedicated collaboration channels.

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Why we care. From personal experience, there is nothing more frustrating than a discussion of a draft of anything — an email, an ebook, and article — going on in several different places at once. Making it easier to discuss creative in one place fits with Stensul’s mission of speeding the whole process.

It also reflects a discernible trend towards working as much as possible in a single digital environment rather than hopping from platform to platform. 

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