Haidilao Self-Heating Hot Pot Unboxing and Review

In this video, I unbox, review and eat the Haidilao self-heating hot pot. This is an instant hot pot that cooks itself and it cost $15 per bowl!

Haidilao is the world’s biggest hot pot chain with over 900 restaurants around the world. They are so successful and people want their hot pot so much that they offer it as an instant take out that you can buy at most Asian supermarkets or Amazon. It won’t be the same experience as dining at a Haidilao but it should spark some good memories.

The self-heating hot pots are available in six flavors. For this first review, I tried out the beef with tomato flavor both. The hot pot is completely self contained. You do not need to provide any additional equipment to cook it. The package even included chopsticks, spoon, napkin and a toothpick!

As far as instant food goes, Haidilao is definitely on the expensive side. I guess making a meal that cook itself isn’t cheap. Making the hot pot is a lot of fun and feel more like a science experiment than cooking. The hot pot itself taste pretty good. Very good beef and tomato flavor, with just a hint of heat.

My overall impression is the self-heating hot pot is cool to try out just because it’s so unique. However, for the a few dollars more, you can get a real hot pot experience at a real Haidilao restaurant. However, that won’t be self-heating.

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