Metaverse or bust: Marketoon of the Week

Marketing in the Metaverse cartoon

Fishburne’s take: Mark Zuckerberg recently framed Facebook’s future strategy as helping “bring the metaverse to life.”…Early branded virtual experiences with branded virtual collectibles like Van’s World or Gucci Garden generated a lot of interest.  But marketers often go into new experiences with brand myopia, over-inflating how much people actually want to engage with their brands.

Why we care: Brands should experiment with new platforms when a sufficient number of their customers are there. But wasn’t 2020 the year when VR should have caught on more? The early buzz on the metaverse does sound like it’s an environment created by marketers for marketers. Or perhaps worse, created by Mark Zuckerberg as another walled garden. NYU’s Scott Galloway: “I don’t think people are scared of the metaverse, they’re scared of the Zuckerverse.”

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