More executives become champions for replacing marketing technology

As we have detailed in previous coverage of this year’s MarTech Replacement Survey, marketing organizations were not timid when it came to ripping and replacing pieces of their marketing stacks in the past year. But while you might expect marketing leaders to be the main drivers of those projects, executive management was more involved than before.

We decided to ask who championed the replacement instead of who in the organization made the final decision. The final decision-maker is often the individual who owns the budget and cuts the virtual check; we were interested in who the advocates for change were.

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The survey found 30% of replacements were championed by executive management, up from 25% last year. Meanwhile, 39% said marketing management were the champions, down from 43% the prior year. There is a possible source of bias here if people are likely to place a high value on their own role: these were the two largest self-identified groups taking the survey.

It’s striking that marketing operations were identified as the champions by only 12%. It’s conceivable that some marketing operations managers might have decided to group themselves with marketing managers for the purpose of this question. Whatever the case, this result is surprising.

Speeding up decisions

It’s also worth noting that decisions were made more quickly than in the previous year’s survey, the trend now leaning slightly more toward two to three months than three to six months. This acceleration of decision-making among businesses is consistent with what vendors have told us as we have researched our MarTech Intelligence Reports. One vendor described customers as “rapidly accelerating” their digital transformations, while another said the COVID pandemic “has acted as [a] forcing function driving the rapid adoption of a broad range of technology at an unprecedented scale.”

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