Yahoo introduces In-Flight Sales Analysis for digital out-of-home

This week, Yahoo announced In-Flight Sales Analysis for digital out-of-home ads. This allows advertisers to measure sales lift from DOOH campaigns, including online and in-store sales, which in turn can help marketers in optimizing DOOH campaigns, and potentially omnichannel campaigns that include DOOH, in near real-time.

The new capabilities come from integrations with Epsilon, Catalina, IRI and NCSolutions.

Yahoo already offers In-Flight Sales Analysis for video, display, CTV, audio and other channels. To provide the same level of offline and digital sales measurement from DOOH ads, Yahoo uses mobile location data to predict exposed devices. Data providers’ purchase data is then matched with the exposed devices to show a customer’s journey from ad to purchase.

Why we care. The Yahoo DSP (formerly Verizon Media) has demonstrated the advantage of a large network for marketers looking to control and optimize omnichannel campaign performance in near real-time. This move leverages DOOH, which has undergone a digital transformation over the last two years. Performance, in this case, means lower-funnel activation for DOOH ads, which has been previously hard to measure.

Using sales data from IRI, for instance, CPG brands will be able to see if a bus shelter ad sends shoppers to a grocery store for their product. Integrating this into an omnichannel campaign will engage consumers who look up from their phone screens to navigate roads and sidewalks.

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