Adobe’s new Workfront features beef up collaboration across the company’s software suite

Today, Adobe announced new features and capabilities that are rolling out on Adobe Workfront, forecasting the next phase of integrations that follow Adobe’s acquisition of the work management platform in late 2020.

Many of the new features are aimed at dynamic collaboration, enabling creative and marketing teams to work together on campaigns and related projects.

For instance, there is an Adobe Experience Manager Assets integration, now available, that serves enterprises, enabling them to orchestrate campaigns and deliver content to publishers seamlessly, while also managing approvals and other necessary steps in the creative process.

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There are also Adobe Photoshop and Adobe XD plugins that allow users to stay in those environments while collaborating with internal and external stakeholders and viewing updated tasks, issues and documents throughout the process.

For B2B customers, the Adobe Marketo Engage Connector is now available through Adobe Workfront Fusion. 

New identity management services are available for end user authentication and validation, specifically for new Adobe Experience Manager Assets Essential and Workfront customers. These capabilities will become generally available in the first half of 2022.

Why we care. Workfront was a bold $1.5 billion investment made by Adobe, and we can now begin to see how it will be used not only to improve the productivity of creative teams, but to also build out capabilities for marketers, especially enterprises and B2B Marketo customers.

Clearly, Adobe is leveraging its Workfront acquisition to create a collaboration infrastructure that is more connected to its own ecosystem than, say, a competing collaboration platform.

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