ON24 teams up with HubSpot in app marketplace

Cloud-based hybrid engagement platform ON24 announced its availability on the HubSpot App Marketplace following its integration HubSpot’s CRM platform. Full availability of the integrated services will begin early next year.

This will enable B2B users of both platforms to pull data from events supported by ON24 and manage them within the CRM. This includes attendee and event data, such as first-person engagement data derived from the ON24 event experience.

HubSpot platforms are used by over 128,000 customers currently.

Among the services that ON24 provides, business users can host live and on-demand webinars, custom virtual conferences and multimedia content experiences, all which now can pull rich audience data for marketing and sales.

HubSpot users who access events hosting through ON24 will benefit from greater visibility into these events’ audience activities, accessing attendee profiles based on registrations, and also deeper buyer insights.

HubSpot’s App Partner Program includes a number of third-party integrations, of which ON24 is one of the first events-based apps. Some ability to access contacts and digital event information through HubSpot and ON24 is available now, with more functionality expected to roll out in early 2022.

Why we care. B2B marketers who depend on growing their business through trade events realize that regardless of whether the world will open up more in 2022, or if more events will remain virtual, either experience will have to be data-driven to yield the best results.

It’s very possible that the virtual option will remain alongside in-person events. Attendees will have the choice, in some cases, of traveling to a conference and getting a rich in-person experience, or checking in virtually for a specific panel or to engage a specific business contact. Either way, these activities will increasingly be governed by data insights that connect the event data with a businesses customer data in the manner that this integration between ON24 and Hubspot enables.

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