Braze makes strong debut as public company

Customer engagement platform Braze saw its share price leap nearly 40% on Wednesday as its IPO raised some $520 million. Shares were priced at $65, above the expected range of $55 to $65. Following the jump, the company had a market value of over $8 billion.

Braze, a New York-based company, was founded as Appboy in 2011 and re-branded in 2017. It orchestrates engagement between brands and customers across multiple channels. Co-founder and CEO Bill Magnuson rang the opening bell at Nasdaq on Wednesday to celebrate.

In a written statement, Magnuson said: “Today marks a significant milestone in our 10-year journey of helping brands forge strong bonds with their customers. My cofounders and I shared a dual conviction about the opportunities presented by mobile. First, fast growing new businesses would be born and built to be mobile first. And second, that generations-old companies would be driven by changing consumer behavior to transform the way they delivered products and services.

“Time has proved us right: We’ve seen a tremendous evolution take place, as consumer behaviors shifted to an ‘always-on’ mentality, and technology evolved, enabling us to capture real-time data and orchestrate personalized interactions.”

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Why we care. We’ve been writing about Braze since it was Appboy and it’s been one of the solutions mentioned in many case study discussions with brands. It has been a leader in emphasizing channel-agnostic engagement rather than prioritizing traditional channels like website and email; it also emphasizes understanding the context of the engagement in real time. The approach seems to have been successful.

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