Calling all technology-focused marketers: Submit a session pitch for MarTech!

MarTech returns virtually on March 29-30 focusing on the customer journey of a lifetime.

As you know, customers continue to change. B2B buyers are reluctant to fill out forms and spend time on video calls with sales reps. B2C buyers don’t want to scroll through endless catalog pages trying to find what they need. Customers who have a bad experience won’t come back — and part of the bad experience is treating them like customers rather than people you want to have an ongoing relationship with.

If you’re using data and technology to solve your customers’ problems, build customer communities, empathize with their values and retain them across their lifetime, we want to hear from you.

Whether you’ve been speaking for years or have never spoken before but feel you have experience other marketers can learn from, please consider submitting a session pitch. We are always looking for new speakers with diverse points of view.

The deadline for MarTech spring pitches is January 28th!

Your pitch is more likely to grab our attention if you:

  • Include details about what attendees will be able to do better or different as a result of attending your session.
  • Are from a brand or can include a speaker from a brand company in your session.
  • Have a case study or specific examples that can be applied in different organizations.
  • Provide tangible takeaways and a plan of action for attendees to implement what you teach.

Jump over to this page for more details on how to submit a session idea, or directly to this page to create your profile and submit a session pitch.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to me directly at I’m looking forward to reading your proposals!

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