Good morning: The B2B playbook is expanding

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Good morning, Marketers, the B2B playbook is expanding.

B2B marketers are finding their contacts on channels traditionally associated with consumer marketing. Social media is relevant, and not just LinkedIn, but Facebook, too. Because much of my digital time is spent researching digital marketing, I even get TV-style vendor ads against some of my OTT programming.

But just because the playbook has expanded, doesn’t mean that the goals for B2B marketers have altered significantly. It’s just that the landscape is different…more diverse and fragmented. That’s why the data behind all of these channels is crucial in finding the target audience and meeting them where they are. 

Once you find them, ads and messaging should still be to-the-point for a business audience. If you caught them after usual business hours, you might have a solution to a problem that’s still nagging them at this late hour. They might even download a relevant white paper and share an email for you to reach them for a follow-up. Just be patient and flexible, because as the B2B playbook is expanding, so are the digital lives of business prospects who often work remotely and are juggling many different tasks all at the same time.

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Quote of the day: “Focus grouping a concept with a TikTok personality in it and for how much TikTok consumes one part of the population, there are still so many others who have no clue.” Natalie Bowman, Managing Director, Marketing and Advertising, Alaska Airlines

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