Demandbase brings account-based advertising to consumer platforms

Demandbase, the ABM software platform, has launched Audience Management Destinations, a new solution which enables account-based advertising on a range of platforms associated more with B2C than B2B activity.

Why we care. Again, the B2B buyer journey has changed — irrevocably. Not only is it now digital-first, except perhaps in the most intransigently traditional verticals, it’s constructed by the buyer, not the seller, and increasingly demands B2C-style engagement rather than a purely transactional sales experience. In this offering, Demandbase explicitly seeks to create the opportunity for businesses to meet their buyers as individuals in the channels of their choosing.

“By viewing the buyer not just as someone within a target account or in a buying committee, we recognize that buyers are individuals, too,” said Jon Miller, Chief Marketing and Product Officer at Demandbase.

Details. Audience Management Destinations will enable marketers to define audiences within Demandbase using first- and third-party data, firmographics, intent and other behavioral data, then target those audiences across social as well as business chanels. The offering also represents the flexibility to target accounts or individuals.

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