Good morning: A simple message

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Good morning, Marketers, and let’s all lift each other up.

There’s just two things I’d like to emphasize today. One is that creating diverse and inclusive workplaces and supporting equitable treatment within them is the right thing to do, regardless of the bottom line. That’s something some people still find tough to swallow. 

But the sugar to help the medicine go down — if it’s needed — is that good DEI practices actually help the bottom line. As McKinsey said last year, the business case for diversity continues to strengthen. This year? Does anyone doubt that it’s an employees’ job market? People aren’t going to take jobs — or remain in jobs — where they feel like outsiders.

“I’m a Black millennial woman and my expertise lies in engineering and tech. I spent over a decade working in corporate America in five different Fortune 500 companies, feeling I didn’t belong for one reason or another.” The words of Lauren Fitzpatrick Shanks, creator of one of two DEI-supporting tech solutions described in the first of the curated selection of stories below.

Marketing organizations and other business teams that fail to invest in diversity will fail to recruit and retain talent. As simple as that.

Kim Davis

Editorial Director


“Inclusion management is really about a rising tide that lifts all boats, making sure that everybody feels that they are contributing to the mission of the company.” Dr Lauren Tucker, founder and CEO, Do What Matters

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