MNTN launches Creative-as-a-Subscription

Connected TV marketing platform MNTN has announced the launch of Creative-as-a-Service. CaaS is aimed at helping brands get their TV creative onto the platform in as fast and least expensive a way as possible. MNTN is a self-service platform, designed to reduce the complexity associated with running and measuring TV campaigns.

Actor Ryan Reynolds, who became Chief Creative Officer at MNTN when it acquired his agency Maximum Effort, said in a release: ““I really like marketing, but I don’t think it should be too burdened with overthinking and a deluge of data and process. This is CaaS. A simpler, faster way and I hope to be more creative with less soul-sucking parts.”

Why we care. CTV has been described by Jeff Green, founder and CEO of The Trade Desk, as the most effective vehicle for advertising ever invented. If predictions are right that a rapdily growing percentage of ad spend will go to CTV, where there’s an easy route to personalization and no dominant walled garden, then marketers will be pleased to see the whole process of TV advertising simplified. MNTN’s vision of making it as easy to run and measure CTV campaigns as simple as search or social is timely.

CaaS will allow brands to bring their creative and their media planning together on one platform. Brands will be able to work with MNTN’s agency and production company partners or with their own preferred agencies. MNTN is working to grow the partnership network. Brands that allocate significant spend to MNTN will have the opportunity to work with Maximum Effort.

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