AppsFlyer announces new Privacy Cloud

Mobile analytics and attribution platform AppsFlyer today announced the launch of their new Privacy Cloud, developed in collaboration with Intel. This will allow multiple entities to bring their data together in a privacy-focused tech stack, mainting their own privacy rules and guidelines. App stores and developers and ad networks will be able to define their own Privacy Cloud Applications.

The Cloud will leverage homomorphic encryption, an emerging technology that preserves end-to-end encryption, allowing data to be computed without being decrypted. Said AppsFlyer co-founder and CEO Oren Kaniel: “Cryptographic solutions such as HE could be a huge step forward for privacy-led measurement, revolutionizing how brands gain insights.” The collaboration between AppsFlyer and Intel is expected to be long-term.

Why we care. The reality faced by marketers is that, if they’re going to continue to gather the kinds of insights which inform measurement and attribution, they’re going to have to find ways of doing so which preserve the privacy of end users. This looks like a high-tech approach to doing just that.

If platforms can’t show that they’re not only privacy-conscious but are proactively guarding privacy, expect more stringent regulations.

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