OpenAP unveils cross-platform management framework

OpenAP, the advertising platform for both linear and digital TV, today announced the launch of XPm, a cross-platform management solution powered by OpenID. XPm will support cross-screen reporting on campaigns run across multiple publishers in the linear and streaming TV environments. The aim is to overcome siloed reporting on linear and streaming TV campaigns.

OpenID, announced by OpenAP in April, resolves linear and digital TV audiences into a common, person-level identity framework. Advertisers who run campaigns based on OpenID identities will be able to benefit from XPm reporting. The Video Advertising Bureau’s Measurement Innovation Task Force will oversee XPm to create common standards. Agencies GroupM, dentsu and Horizon Media will be the first to pilot the framework for XPm reporting insights.

Why we care. This is a hot space and is going to get hotter. Every day seems to bring a news story about improvements in the way TV advertising is targeted, monetized and measured. CTV in particular with its growing reach and built-in first-party data seems likely to rival or surpass other digital channels in terms of addressability. And linear TV is still standing.

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