Good morning: Welcome to the Matrix

Good morning, Marketers, and do you realize we’re living in the Matrix?

Or the metaverse, if you prefer. Kastner CEO/CCO Brandon Rochon is not the kind of person who comes to an interview armed with only one opinion. After talking about multicultural curation we explored his notion that the Matrix is here and now.

“This is just the beginning of it — the IRL and the URL colliding. The pandemic pushed us into it. The way we spend so much time together is in this Google hangout and Zoom world. I can have this place of super-isolation that I’ve had to be in for a long time and still let my mind go free. As human beings we are now starting to tap into the full potential of where reality and fantasy will start to collide.”

As long as I get to wear one of those black Neo trench coats, I’m all for it.

Kim Davis

Editorial Director


Quote of the day. “If you think the misalignment between Sales and Marketing is rough … then you should be TERRIFIED by the misalignment between Sales Ops and Marketing Ops in those co’s.” M.H. Lines, CEO, Stack Moxie

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