Infutor adds solution to activate CTV campaigns

Consumer identity management platform Infutor has updated its Identity Resolution services to include a solution for activating CTV ad campaigns. Using persistent household IP addresses, the solution not only resolves multiple data attributes to anonymized consumers, but can also deliver audiences for targeting across multiple devices associated with that address, extending CTV campaigns, for example, to mobile.

Why we care. As CTV continues to heat up as a marketing channel, Infutor weighs in with its privacy-sensitive database of 266 million US consumers across 120 million households. The value proposition lies in Infutor’s ability to resolve offline transactions and other behavioral attributes to a single profile of a consumer or a household. This makes it possible to identify audiences potentially in-market for certain products or services; then, using persistent IP addresses, to target them with some confidence across CTV and other devices.

“Persistent household IP addresses are critical for CTV advertising but most providers don’t have an effective offline linking capability or an adequate level of PII sensitivity. We decided to develop the solution internally to ensure the data and matching process is consistent with the diligent, industry leading approach we use to compile and enhance our entire Identity graph,” said Infutor CEO Gary Walter in a release.

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