Madison Logic launches new account prioritization solution

The latest release of Madison Logic’s ABM-focused ML Platform includes ML Insights, a solution aimed at fueling the account triage process with relevant data signals. Specifically, it will draw on:

  • B2B Research: signaling in-market accounts consuming content on products and solutions across thousands of websites;
  • Install Base: showing investment by accounts in competitive and complementary software; and
  • Historical Performance: indicating buying centers actively engaging with relevant content.

Clients using ML Insights in beta have reported a 32% increase in account engagement and a 19% increase in pipeline volume. One example from an unnamed client: “We’ve seen a 20% increase in manufacturing companies engaging with ERP vendors in the last 3 months as they conduct pre-purchase research. CTOs are driving nearly half of the increased research.”

Why we care. The days of marketers and sales reps sitting around a table and debating which accounts should be priority may not be over, but there’s clearly value in having data drive that debate. As the example above shows, ML Insights seeks not only to identify actively engaged accounts but also the personas in those accounts driving the engagement. This is useful as ABM metrics shift towards engagement and not just numbers of leads.

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