RevOps teams struggle with integration and alignment

RevOps has yet to solve the long-established problem of aligning sales and marketing teams. By integrating the operations supporting sales, marketing and customer success into a single revenue engine, RevOps held out the promise of driving towards a set of agreed revenue outcomes. A survey of 270 U.S.-based B2B professionals by RevOps automation vendor Openprise suggests RevOps is falling short.

66% lack strong confidence in their data onboarding processes. 58% lacked confidence in their ability to deliver inbound leads to the right sales reps. 56% lacked confidence in their ability to accurately segment their databases, for example by industry and job function. 65% lacked strong confidence in their lead scoring capabilities.

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We why care. Let’s be clear, Openprise is a vendor offering to help fix some of these problems. But the data isn’t simply self-serving. For all the promise of RevOps, it strongly suggests that stitching together broken systems won’t produce a system that works. It can’t be right to have sales, marketing and customer success working in silos and using discrete sets of data.

Whether those teams are aligned through a formal RevOps function or made to operate together in a less formal way, some kind of coordination is clearly needed. But organizational transformation addresses only one part of the challenge; it can’t fix bad data or failing analytics.

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