Good morning: No internet?

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Good morning, Marketers, enjoying remote working?

From my personal experience talking to marketers, a lot of you are still working remotely. Me too. In my case, that’s an indefinite state of being simply because MarTech does not have a brick and mortar office to go back to.

It has its advantages and disadvantages, doesn’t it? And then there’s the nightmare of the internet outage. I had one the first half of yesterday. My service provider had no record of an outage in my area so I inferred it was my equipment and scheduled a service appointment — for the next day.

And suddenly I was confronted with the absence of a digital environment. I looked at all the virtual meetings I would have had to cancel. I handed over editing and publishing duties. I reconciled myself to 24 hours working offline. I wondered, not for the first time, how society would have functioned if COVID had arrived ahead of the internet. Then my service came back; no idea why. Let me cancel that call.

Kim Davis

Editorial Director


Quote of the day. “Marketing just cannot be reduced to the sum of its parts. Marketing works as a system and attribution obscures interdependencies. Think of a cookie recipe. How can cookie revenue be apportioned to individual ingredients? Attributing X% of outcome to sugar and X% to baking soda isn’t helpful. Both are critical.

“When you purchase a car, how can you attribute portions of the price you paid to the billboard you saw last month, the recommendation from your brother-in-law at a party two weeks ago, the TV ad last week, the pop-up ad on Facebook the day before, and the location of the dealership?” Kathleen Schaub, marketing strategist

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