Good morning: It’s not all about revenue

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Good morning, Marketers, and is RevOps the wrong direction?

I’ve heard a lot of positive sentiment about RevOps over the past three years and in many wats it makes a lot of sense. It comes in different flavors, but the central theme is bringing marketing, sales and customer success together — either as a single team or as closely aligned teams — and have them all report to one person, possibly a Chief Revenue Officer, but the title really isn’t important.

Darrell Alfonso’s new article on what he calls “the revenue bubble” made me wonder whether the emphasis on revenue is appropriate for this particular moment in time. I’ve been writing and talking a lot about engagement and community, about non-transactional customer experiences — even B2B customers — and about ongoing relationships rather than quick sales.

Darrell makes the case that revenue might not be the best metric for this environment. That’s not to say that revenue doesn’t matter, but — paradoxically? — that focusing on revenue alone is not the best way to achieve growth.

Kim Davis

Editorial Director


Quote of the day: “One thing I hear a lot recently from marketing leaders / hiring managers is that they are really struggling to find marketing ops pros who have gone beyond the tactical and tech-focused manager to a strategic and business-minded director or leader. This makes me concerned because we don’t want MOps careers to stall.” Chrissy Saunders, founder and CEO, CS2 Marketing

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