Good morning: Are brands tuned out on the addressability crisis?

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Good morning, Marketers, and is the advertising industry in crisis?

Perhaps more importantly, are brands completely tuned out? Spending time at the IAB’s Annual Leadership Meeting in New York City this week, I was impressed with the trade association’s determination to sound the alarm about the pincer movement that is threatening the industry’s future. On one side, the steady deprecation of technological means of tracking users across domains — chiefly the deprecation of third-party cookies — and on the other side, the growing support for eradicating user identity from digital marketing altogether, if necessary through legislation.

The IAB’s objective is to get the entire industry working on a common response to these challenges. But cunning adtech fixes for identity tracking don’t sit easily with calls to use first-party data only. And meantime, one has the impression that marketers are content to carry on using third-party data until doomsday.

One expects agencies and adtech to predominate at an IAB meeting, but I don’t believe I heard from one brand marketer in the audience (they were involved, if at all, as guest speakers). Are brands just waiting for someone else to tell them what their future segmentation and targeting strategies should look like?

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Kim Davis

Editorial Director


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