How To Sear The Perfect Steak with the Su-V Gun

In this video, I show you how to cook the perfect steak using the Sous Vide method and then searing with the Su-V Gun.


In addition to putting a perfect sear on a ribeye steak, the Su-VGun can also flame your creme brulee, or start your smaller charcoal grill more quickly than you could be if you were cooking on a gas grill. It comers with a convenient vertical stand that enables you to set your Su-VGun, when attached to a propane bottle, upright and easily accessible.

The Su-V Gun uses either 1 pound propane bottles or you can connect it to a 20 pound propane tank by using an adapter hose that’s sold separately or as part of the Su-V Gun Set.

Using the gun is a ton of fun. It’s lightweight, comfortable to hold and easy to use. Plus it looks and sounds like a jet engine taking off. The Su-V Gun is available in basic and set version. The only difference, other than the price, is the 8 feet adapter hose that comes with the set version. The company also makes a Grill Gun, which is designed to light charcoal or wood in your grill or smoker.

Source: jhonchow

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