Good morning: Cheers, or ‘Priekā!’ as they say in Latvia

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Good morning, Marketers, and cheers, or “Priekā!” as they say in Latvia.

Before the invention of premium vodka, pretentious people – like yours truly – would order Stolichnaya. We knew, because the marketers told us, it was “real” vodka from Russia and therefore the best. That sold a lot of bottles for a long time but is now biting the brand right in the sales figures. 

Stolichnaya is now making a big point that it’s from Latvia. It also renamed itself Stoli to differentiate itself from the entirely separate Stolichnaya vodka made in Russia and owned by the Russian government. Legal fights over brand rights mean Stoli can sell under either name in 150 countries, while the other one can only use the name to sell in Russia and the Netherlands.  

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Constantine von Hoffman

Managing Editor

Quote of the day

“Apple will struggle to explain why government changes will radically change the iPhone when Google already does it and it will struggle to explain why it can’t do it in the United States when it may soon do it in Europe.” – Paul Gallant, a policy analyst for Cowen & Co., on pending EU law requiring Apple to change what apps its phones can use.

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